Kitchen Remodeling Services in Orlando FL
kitchen renovation services in Orlando FL
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Top Kitchen Remodeling Services in Orlando FL

Summer Kitchen Experts – New Hope Pro Services is your premier destination for indoor and outdoor kitchen remodeling services in Orlando FL. We offer specialized services, such as kitchen and bathroom renovation, flooring installation, tiling, and painting. In a place where sunshine and warm weather are the norm, the kitchen is more than a cooking area; it’s the heart of your home, where memories form and culinary adventures unfold. With scorching summers and occasional hurricanes, Orlando’s climate can take a toll on kitchens. 

That’s where our professional kitchen renovation services in Orlando FL, come to rescue them. With our services, you can expect increased functionality, improved energy efficiency, improved creativity, and a massive boost in property value. Trust Summer Kitchen Experts – New Hope Pro Services to be your go-to kitchen remodeling partner in creating a kitchen space, disclosing a unique story of beauty and practicality, and allowing you to savor every moment spent.


Our Mission

Through our innovative services for kitchen remodeling in Orlando Florida, we aim to enhance the heart of every home we touch, leaving a lasting impression of beauty and practicality.


Our Vision

To be recognized as the trusted choice for kitchen renovation services in Orlando FL, creating kitchen spaces, meeting practical needs, and igniting creativity and passion for culinary artistry.

Orlando Kitchen Remodeling Services

Summer Kitchen Experts – New Hope Pro Services is the top choice for kitchen remodeling services in Orlando FL. Our dedication to quality distinguishes us in the sector. First off, you can be certain that your project is in good hands since our team is made up of seasoned specialists with a wealth of expertise in redesigning kitchens. We put a high priority on client satisfaction and provide customized kitchen designs to meet your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. Our modern kitchen renovation services are cost-effective as we strongly value the investments of our valuable clients. Engage us for your kitchen renovation requirements and witness the transformation you’ve always imagined.

Custom Remodeling Techniques For Transforming Kitchens

We utilize the following custom kitchen remodeling techniques to transform inefficient kitchens into functional ones, making homeowners take great pride:

  • Layout reconfiguration helps us optimize the kitchen’s layout to optimize space and involves moving walls, repositioning appliances, or opening up the kitchen to adjoining rooms.
  • We install backsplashes as decorative elements and protective shields for your kitchen walls.
  • We use premium quality flooring materials as per your taste since the choice of kitchen flooring significantly impacts its overall look.

As the best kitchen renovation contractors, we stay up-to-date with the latest kitchen remodeling trends to ensure delivering effective kitchen upgrades.

Kitchen Remodeling Process: From Consultation to Transformation

It all begins with a comprehensive consultation for discussing your ideas and requirements. Then we proceed with the following steps: 

  • Next, skilled professionals create a detailed design plan incorporating your vision, ensuring the perfect balance of functionality and presentability.
  • After the plan’s approval, we begin the demolition phase, clearing the way for the new kitchen.
  • Then, our skilled craftsmen handle plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry to bring the design to life.
  • The installation of cabinets, countertops, and appliances follows suit, enhancing both style and functionality.

Finally, the finishing touches, such as paint, backsplash, and lighting, are added, making your kitchen remodel project shine.

Our Services

What We Offer

Bathroom Remodel/Renovation

Utilizing our skilled renovation services, you may turn your bathroom into a lavish retreat. From fixtures to tile, we create a space that's functional and elegant, tailored to your style.

Outdoor kitchen

As the best provider of outdoor kitchen remodeling services in Orlando FL, we design and install outdoor cooking spaces that are perfect for entertaining and culinary adventures.

Kitchen and bath painting

Revitalize your kitchens and bathrooms with fresh and long-lasting coats of paint. We bring vibrancy to your interiors, providing top painting services that match your desired color scheme.

Kitchen and bath remodeling

Revamp your culinary space and washroom with our comprehensive bath and kitchen remodeling services in Orlando FL, improving practicality to ensure a pleasant experience.

Flooring for kitchen and bath

Upgrade your kitchen and bath floors with our premium materials and installation. Enjoy durability with our extensive design selection of flooring alternatives; each one catered to your unique requirements.

Tilings for kitchen and bath

Experience the beauty of custom tiling in your kitchen and bath. Our talented artisans produce elaborate patterns and themes that enhance the longevity and attractiveness of your rooms.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To maximize space in a bathroom, we install a pedestal sink or wall-mounted vanity, using light-colored tiles and paint to create an open feel and incorporating built-in storage solutions.

Popular kitchen design trends include open shelving, farmhouse sinks, quartz countertops, and smart appliances. We stay updated with trends and help you choose the best one.

Yes, it’s quite easy for us to convert a bathtub into a shower to save space or meet your preferences. This often involves plumbing and structural changes.

Our professionals install LED lighting and other fixtures. Besides, they also add insulations, as this helps improve energy efficiency in your kitchen for the long term.

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Customer-Centric Approach

Your pleasure is our first priority; therefore, we actively include you in the decision-making process and keep you updated at every stage so you know what to anticipate.

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Experienced Team

Our team of skilled professionals comprising the best kitchen and bathroom remodelers have years of experience in remodeling and always guarantee top results.

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